The Beginner's Guide to Caring for a Puppy | Petchum

The Beginner's Guide to Caring for a Puppy | Petchum

A puppy is one of the most rewarding decisions you'll ever make. Puppyhood is a special time in a dog's life and it's important to take the time to care for them properly. They're playful, cuddly, and always ready for a good time. But like any new addition to your family, there are a few things you need to know before taking on this role. In this beginner's guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about caring for a puppy and helping them grow into a healthy and happy dog!

The most important thing about puppies is feeding. Normally I would recommend consulting with a veterinarian to get a proper diet for your puppy. Usually, at the very beginning, they take starter dry foods. There are various starter dry foods are available in the market, but I think Royal Canin is the best choice in this category. Always follow the feeding instruction given on the back of the food packet. Never overfeed cause that can have serious consequences for your puppy’s health. In the weaning stage (0-2 months age), we believe giving packaged dry food is the best option as the food has all the essential ingredients & also it is a balanced diet which is very essential for puppies at this age.

After purchasing the right food, the next job is to do is get the vaccination schedule along with the deworming schedule. These two jobs are the most important jobs to be done once you welcome the puppy into your life. Regular weight checking is a must. You should always feed your pet deworming medicine according to your pet’s weight. For vaccination, you should consult any certified veterinarian & he/she will provide you with a monthly schedule of vaccination.

Puppies often get affected by Ticks & Fleas. You can apply ticks & fleas powders, sprays, and shampoos on your puppy to get rid of them. There are so many tick & flea repellents available but we recommend using Himalaya’s Erina EP Powder. Still, we always recommend getting veterinary consultation first.

Puppies often get sick. In these kinds of cases, most of the time, most new pet parents search on Google & Youtube for possible recommendation but it is not recommended at all. I would strongly recommend, without any hesitation contacting Vet cause they only can provide you with the correct treatment recommendations.

Puppies tend to lick & chew everything that they get. This might sometimes cause lots of damage. There are many toys & chew stoppers out there in the market you can try but this chewing & licking completely goes away once they become fully mature. Although, try to keep eye on the puppy but if you are a working individual it is not possible. So we recommend at the puppy stage try to keep your puppy inside big cages or create a kennel so that they can’t get in touch with poisonous items or go near the staircase or go outside.

Keep your puppy in your room at bedtime. Don’t let them outside or alone, cause they might get scared. Also if the puppy wants to go to the toilet, it will bark before.

Try to keep your puppy clean. You can use any Waterless Shampoo to groom your puppy. Try to trim their nails. Puppies often get affected by many skin infections so it is very important to keep your puppy clean & well-maintained. Regular grooming can keep your puppy clean & healthy.

A puppy is anyone's definition of a bundle of joy. They are delightful to look at, and their antics are endearing. However, just like other beings on this planet, they do come with challenges, and if you don't know how to keep them happy & healthy, they can put through a load of stress.

Hopefully, we have not scared you away from owning a puppy. We advise that the first few weeks should be spent learning how to take care of your new dog. We have covered everything in our guide, but it might take you some time to master all of it if it is your first time owning a dog.

In any case, once you do get your pet right, then you'll be in for a lifetime of happiness with your buddy all day!

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