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Top 7 Cutest Embarrassments in the Life of 7 Pets. #5 is Hilarious!

It’s been an embarrassing week. Again. And we are back with the top lists of embarrassments. Our pets are always a center of attraction. We care, we cuddle, and we also laugh when they behave mysteriously. So, we got 7 lucky winners into the limelight, who brought embarrassments to a whole new level. Let’s look at them.  



#1  |  Room for the Little One 


Seems like owner’s shoe was the only place she got a little room. Not even an inch in the entire house, to rest her furs. Well doesn’t matter cause its such an adorable picture. However, things could get out of control when the owner unknowingly inserts his feet.  


 Cat inside a shoe


#2 | When Mom says, I’m gonna give you a nice clean Bathe 


This doggy can see his future already. Bathing will never be an option, I guess. His reaction is legit by the way. So much horror in those big round eyes. This very much resemblance the chickens. You may have seen, when you are in the market to get some chicken meat. And the other chickens watch their friend getting prepared to get chopped. 


Dog with Toys


#3 | No fish from now, Only books. 


Research says it takes, 21 days of hard work and dedication to habit a new hobby. Little kitty here, is having very similar mindset. Good for her, she might be the first to read. And can save a lot money and electricity as they are able to see clearly in the DARK.  
image from reddit. 


 Cat with sunglasses


#4 | If “Sitting on face” actually had a face. 


Well well well. The term “sitting on face” usually turns everyone on. But here, chances are you may end up with foul smells and fur all over your face. And if your dog is prone to stomach disorders and bloating. Then boy, you are in for a show tonight. And you’ll regret it very much. 

If your dog too has stomach issues. Check out  which food to provide.


 Dog sitting


#5 | This happens when you call your dog to take a selfie, when he is on the back seat and you are driving. 


Ouch! That’s a bummer. And painful too. To be honest, not a preferable timing to click a selfie. Poor Jimmy, must have felt awful. Or else may be Jimmy wanted to go for a photo bomb, and karma did its job right at the moment. I wonder how his face might look right now. 



Dog funny faces



#6 |  Removing stains from new Bedsheet.


This video was uploaded through a channel also at reddit. She's beautiful without a doubt and that also defines her cleanliness. The owner's child was painting back a while ago which was not filmed. But this dog's reaction was filmed with some huge reactions. Just look how she is worried about her bedsheets.  




#7 |  The Video title is every inch perfect.


If this couldn't melt you, I don't know what will. You need to get a doctor.


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