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Aquatic Remedies Chlor Away, 100 ml

Aquatic Remedies Chlor Away, 100 ml

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Aquatic Remedies Chlor Away is a super concentrated instant remover of chlorine and chloramine. It is a general purpose water conditioner for marine and fresh water. It also neutralizes harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Not only that, it too reduces fish stress & neutralise the new water chemistry. It is completely harmless to filter bacteria.

Aquatic Remedies Chlor Away Usage:

1. Mix the required dosage into a jug of aquarium water and disperse over the aquarium water.

2. Use a chlorine test kit to measure the chlorine level before introducing new tap water to live aquatic organisms.

Dosage: 10 ml per 100 liter of water

Best Before: Apr, 2025

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