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Beaphar HD Tablets for Dogs - 50 Tabs

Beaphar HD Tablets for Dogs - 50 Tabs

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The symptoms of HD (hip dysplasia) are muscular pains and stiffness. HD tablets with MSM will not cure the disease, but can help to alleviate the pain caused by aching muscles and joints. HD tablets increase the production of the fluid in the joints resulting in:

  • improvement in causes of arthritis (stiffness due to old age);
  • the pain disappearing altogether, in some cases.

Daily use for first 3 weeks:

1 tablet for 5 kg bodyweight. After 3 weeks reduce the dosage to 1 tablet per 10 kg bodyweight. In case of recurrent pain, repeat the original dose indefinitely. Tablets should be taken whole, not crumbled or chew.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a probiotic substance that naturally occurs in dairy products, vegetables and fruit. It helps to strengthen the body's immune system and assist the cell renewal and repair.

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