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Pet Chum

Food for GUINEA PIG - 400gms

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Best Before: March, 2024

Features -

  • Contains all the necessary nutrients.
  • Encourages eating behaviour.
  • Healthy.
  • Easy digestible.
  • Delicious.
  • Balanced diet.

Ingredients: Dehydrated Apple, Cranberry, Blackthorn Berry, Carob, Dried Banana, Wheat Flakes, Dried Papaya, Peanut, Rowanberry, Corn Flour, Raisins, Wheat, Granulated Alfalfa, Corn Flakes, Coconut, Alfalfa Meal, Rice Crisps, Rice Flour, Oats, Carotene, Flax Seed, Red Juniper Berry. 

Nutritional Analysis: Raw Proteins, Raw Fiber, Raw fat, Raw ash. 

Feed Instructions: It is a supplementary food with the max of 20% of the pet daily diet. Please check your vet before feeding the pet.