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Pet Chum

Food for RABBIT - 400gms

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Best Before: May, 2024

When your rabbit has been a part of your family for a number of years, it becomes all the more difficult to see him slow down with age. Vitapols' Senior Food for Rabbit comes with an augmented amount of natural fibre and lower rate of fat, preventing any amount of weight gain and other metabolism related issues. We give you the chance of providing the best care and diet for your pet, thereby giving it a long and healthy life. After all, a healthy bunny is a happy bunny!


  • Complete food specially formulated for senior rabbits (5 years and above)
  • Contains extrudates with added vitamins to keep the pet in great condition
  • Increased amount of natural fibre without any full grains
  • Low on calories to prevent gaining weight because of slower metabolism
  • With additive of endive root, natural source of Insulin, polisaccharyde that lowers sugar level in blood


  • Weight – 400 gms
  • Suitable for – Rabbits


  • Wheat bran, corn flour,  alfalfa meal,  grass meal,  sunflower seed extracted meal,  wheat flour,  rice flour,  rye bran,  flax seed,  carob,  dried carrot,  dried beetroot,  dried apple,  dried chicory root,  pea flakes,  beet pulp (dried, molasses), calcium carbonate.


  • Store in a cool, dry place