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Fruit Smaker for BUDGIE - 90gms

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Fruity snack to be hung in the cage, engaging the natural pecking style while the Budgie receives the goodness of the natural nutritional ingredients.

Product Features
1) Coconut supplies protein
2) Berries provide antioxidants
3) Fruit based healthy snack
4) Natural ingredients of exceptional quality
5) Hook on the top of the stick enables easy hanging inside the cage

Product Description
Vitapol Fruit Smakers is a yummy snack for your lovely Budgie bird, supplying it with nutrients for a better health. The easily digestible snack also helps to maintain the beauty of the bird's feathers with its essential vitamins and minerals. With hook at the top, the fruity treat can be hanged easily inside the cage of the bird. The bird needs to peck at the smaker which have seeds and fruits attached to it, and thereby involve their natural action of pecking.

Ingredients: Yellow millet, Red millet, Wheat flour, Niger seed, Safflower seed, Elderberry, Coconut, Dehydrated apple, Orange peel, Bakery yeast

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min) 10.6%

Crude Fat (Min) 3.1%

Crude Fiber (Max) 5.3%

Moisture (Max) 12%

Crude Ash (Max) 4.8%

What are the benefitsbr />Vitapol Fruit Smaker presents to you an interesting way of offering a treat to your adorable budgie. The innovative idea would give your pet a supplementary source of nutrition and also a way to keep them actively engaged. Vitapol follows the highest standards of production, and along with their superior ingredients and composition they constitute a food which your bird(s) would adore.

Storage Instruction Store in cool and dry place to keep the food in perfect form