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Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser

Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser

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Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser helps to control dandruff on pet's skin & hair coat. 

Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser uses:

  • It helps to eliminate germs by using its antiseptic and antibacterial cleansing.
  • It also protects pets from pathogens that cause itching and bacterial infections. 
  • It also acts as deodorant by eliminating foul odor of pets.
  • It can be used as cleanser regularly in bathing time.

How to use Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser:

  • First wet the body of the pet with fresh water.
  • Next, apply the required quantity of Erina Coat Cleanser & work up rich leather.
  • After that, massage it well into the coat of the pet.
  • For better result, ensure contact time of 15-20 min.
  • Finally, rinse well, towel dry and brush the coat thoroughly.


It comes in two sizes: 

Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser 200 ml
Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser 450 ml

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