Intas Zymopet - 30 ml - Pet Chum

Intas Zymopet - 30 ml

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Intas Zymopet - 30 ml

Many a time your pet can suffer from the gas, bloating or gripping of the bowels. This condition leads to indigestion hence Intas has come up with this effective carminative drops for your lovable pets. Formulated from the ideal components this drop can be given to them on daily basis. Continuous use of this drops promotes the digestion of your dog and improves the overall health. This pack comes with the dropper for easy feeding.

  •  To ease the digestion, these carminative drops are very effective for a dog.
  • Specially formulated with the quality components this drop can be given to any breed and size of the dog.
  • An effective way to treat the gas, bloating and gripping of bowels in your dog.
  • Comes with the dropper, this drops can be given them on daily basis.

Quantity - 30 ml

Storage - Store in cool dry place