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Mineral Blocks for BIRDS - SHELL 40gms

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The bird needs the calcium for healthy bones, strong eggs, and feathers to shine. The bird food comprises of complete shells from natural calcium carbonate to ensure that the bird will receive all the necessary minerals which thrive for its environment. It is available in a playful of 40 gm block, enriched with the natural goodness of crushed shells and is easy consumption from your bird. It will eliminate the boredom, as well as the perfect food supplement. 



  • Calcium-rich. 
  • Helpful in the strengthening of bones.
  • Proper construction of eggshells in the breeding phase.
  • Essential during molting phase.
  • Promote healthy feathers.
  • Enriched with crushed shells.

Ingredients: Shells 2% & mineral substances 98%. 

Store in a cool, dry place.