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Pedigree Starter Puppy Dry Food

Pedigree Starter Puppy Dry Food

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Pedigree Mother & Baby Dog Starter is a proper & healthy diet that fulfills the need of growing puppies. Breast milk contains many elements that support puppies' immune systems & help them to have proper growth. So once breastfeeding is over, continue healthy growth with Pedigree Starter Mother & Baby dog. It has all nutrients to support a puppy's growth, like protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, and is easy to digest for better absorption. 

Why PEDIGREE Mother & Baby Dog starter?

For Pregnant & Lactating Mother

 Special Needs Benefits of Special Ingredients Used
Needs more energy for self & to provide milk for her pups. Energy-dense compared to the average dog food
Needs special care to ensure digestive health. Contains Fibers for supporting digestive health.


For Weaning Puppies 3 - 12 weeks old

 Delicate immune system makes pups susceptible to infections. Contains Vitamin E as part of complete & balanced food to support the natural defense.
Pups gain 5 -10% of body weight each day over the first few weeks. Has essential nutrients to support their growth potential.
Brain development. DHA helps to support brain development in puppies.



Cereal & CerealByProducts, Chicken & Chicken By-Products, Meat & Meat By-Products, Soyabean Meal, Isolated Soyabean Protein, Soyabean Oil, Di-calcium Phosphate, Vitamins & Minerals, Iodized Salt, Skimmed Milk Powder, Choline Chloride, DHA, Antioxidants, Permitted Preservatives & Flavours.

Nutritional Analysis:

 Min. crude protein 28%
Min. crude fat 12%
Max. crude fiber 5%

Pedigree Mother & Baby Dog Starter Feeding Guide:

Daily feeding guide for Mother

 Body Weight 5-10 kg 10-20 kg 20-30 kg 30-40 kg 40-50 kg 50-60 kg
First 5 Weeks of Pregnancy 110g to 220g 220g to 380g 380g to 500g 500g to 610g 610g to 660g 660g to 770g
6th Week of Pregnancy 125g to 250g 250g to 440g 440g to 570g 570g to 670g 660g to 770g 770g to 880g
7th Week of Pregnancy 165g to 275g 275g to 480g 500g to 610g 610g to 770g 770g to 880g 880g to 990g
Last 2 weeks of Pregnancy and Lactation Period 180g to 330g 330g to 550g 550g to 770g 770g to 930g 930g to 1050g 1050g to 1200g


After Lactation Period, shift to Pedigree Adult Chicken & Vegetable.

Daily feeding guide for Pup

 Expected Adult Body Weight 5-10 kg 10-25 kg 25-50 kg 50-70 kg

1 month

( 3-4 weeks )

35g to 70g 65g to 170g 165g to 220g 220g to 230g

2 months

55g to 110g 110g to 270g 270g to 380g 380g to 495g

3 months

55g to 110g 165g to 440g 440g to 610g 610g to 720g

After 4-5 months, shift to Pedigree Puppy Chicken & Milk.

Petchum Tip: The table is only an indicative guide for a full day of food required for your dog/puppy. Increase or decrease the amount you feed depending on your dog's/puppy's activity level and body condition. Or ask your vet for help.

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