Rex Wheat Germ Oil 175 ml

Rex Wheat Germ Oil 175 ml

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A shiny coat on your furry friend indicates good health and vitality, and this primarily boils down to a nutritious balanced diet. Essential fatty acids aren’t produced by animals and must be added to their regular daily supplement of food. Rex Wheat Germ Oil is loaded not just with essential fatty acids like omega-3, but also one of the richest natural occurring sources known to man - Vitamin E. This 250 ml all-natural, fortified wheat germ oil not only conditions your companion's skin and coat making it lustrous and shiny, but also ensures successful breeding. After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet!


  • Nutritional supplement with high natural source of Vitamin E and essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6)
  • Contains nutrients that help during breeding process
  • Loaded with linoleic Acid, essential for healthy, lustrous skin and coat
  • 100% pure wheat germ oil with no preservatives


  • Quantity– 250 ml
  • Life stage– All
  • Ingredients- Wheat germ oil, Vitamin A plamitate, cholecaciferol (Source of vitmin D3)

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Vitamin E 70 I.U./fl.oz., Vitamin A 25000 I.U./fl.oz., Vitamin D 2500 I.U./fl.oz., linolenic acid (Skin and coat Vitamin ) 50%


Feeding Instructions:

Add Directly to animal’s daily food


Upto 20 kg 2.5ml
Above 20 kg 5 ml
Above 40 kg 10 ml


 30 ml for each 180 kgs of body weight


  • 1 drop mixed in feed daily
  • 2 drops mixed in feed during moult

Pack Size:

  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml
  • 950 ml
  • 5 L


  • Store in cool dry place.