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Sheba Melty Cat Treat- Maguro Single Tuna Flavour

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Product Description:

Sheba melty is a creamy cat snack, an irresistible treat for your special furry friend. In the form of a creamy puree sheba melty snacks allow you to strengthen your relationship with your cat by feeding it gently by hand. Thanks to its smooth texture, you can easily push the gravy cat food out of the sleek sachet and give it directly to your cat. This cat treat offers your cat delicious maguro flavour with tuna. Made with high quality ingredients including real chicken/ fish, this delicious pet treat ensures a delicate experience that you and your cat will only appreciate! Designed to be delicately hand fed, this creamy snack allows you to create a special moment with your cat.


  • A complimentary cat treat that has high palatability and taste
  • Irresistible flavour and creamy texture to keep your cat coming back for more
  • Sleek stick format lets you ‘feed by hand’, creating a bonding moment
  • Helps closing the distance with your pet cat for a delicate experience
  • Pack contains tuna (4 sticks) flavoured cat snack
  • Great calorific value in a small, convenient serving size, 8 kcal/sachet


Tuna Flavor:

Water ,Chicken, Tuna, Thickening Agent(Modified Starch, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum), EDTA,Sodium Nitrate

Nutritional Value:

Protein-5%, Fat-.0.2%, Ash-3% Max, Fibre-0.5% Max, Moisture- 90% Max

Feeding Guideline:

2 Sticks per day, as a snack