Sheba Skipjack & Salmon Cat Wet Food

Sheba Rich Premium Wet Cat Food, Fish Mix (Skipjack & Salmon)

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Sheba Cat Food comes not only with delicious taste but also with essential nutrients to maintain your cat's health. These Sheba cat food pouches contain Raw kinds of seafood as their ingredients. Sheba Skipjack & Salmon contains a rich fish mix with Skipjack & Salmon in Gravy. Every Sheba Skipjack & Salmon pouches contain min. 10% protein & 87% moisture. Also, each pouch contains a calorific value of 20 Kcal.

Why Sheba?

  • Appealing Flavor & Tasty Ingredients make Sheba Cat Food lovable to all cats.
  • Healthy ingredients in Sheba provide proteins & moisture in each & every pouch of Sheba Wet Cat Food.
  • Sheba contains only responsibly sourced seafood & fresh raw ingredients.

Sheba Cat Food Feeding Instruction:

You can feed one pouch of Sheba Wet Cat Food with a complete & balanced Cat Food such as Whiskas Adult Cat Food. Also, serve freshwater with the food all the time. (Detailed Imageview given below)

Sheba Cat Food Feeding Instruction

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