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Trixie Nappy Puppy Pad

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These Puppy Pads are made of long fibrous, natural cellulose.

Puppy Pad Benefits:

  • Highly recommended for fast & effective training.
  • It can also be used in dog baskets or beds in case of incontinence.
  • It is also suitable for transport boxes.
  • It is extremely absorbent.
  • It has a foil base that is impermeable to moisture.
  • Its sealed rim prevents moisture from escaping.

Instruction for use:

Lay the hygienic pad near your pet's sleeping place. Put your puppy onto the pad immediately after eating & drinking, until it has done its business. Put the pad closer to the door each time. Finally, place the pad outside, in front of the door.

Petchum Tip:

After each correct use, praise your puppy!