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  • Vitaline Iodine Pearls for BIRDS - 20gms - Pet Chum
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Vitaline Iodine Pearls for BIRDS - 20gms

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The Iodine is essential to support your parrot’s function of the thyroid. The Vitapols’ Vitaline Iodine Pearls for Parrots has created carefully formula containing the seeds and algae to form a rich mix of protein, minerals and vitamins. Added as a dietary supplement to your parrot’s food, your feathered friend will enjoy the assorted taste and reap tremendous nutritional benefits at the same time. After all, a healthy parrot is a happy parrot! 


  • Contains seeds and algae.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and valuable protein.
  • Iodine-rich mixture supports thyroid function.

Ingredients: Sesame seed, yellow millet, white millet, niger seed, flax seed, peanut, canary grass seed, grass seed, red sorghum, white clover seed and algae

Store in a cool & dry place.