Whiskas Tuna in Jelly Kitten Wet Food

Whiskas Tuna in Jelly Kitten Wet Food

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Whiskas with Tuna in Jelly is formulated with tasty Tuna Fish & other important natural ingredients such as calcium, phosphorus, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which help to maintain your kitten's heart health, weight, teeth, muscles, bones & overall immunity.

Whiskas Kitten Tuna in Jelly Benefits:

  • As a kitten's beautiful skin & coat is one of the best indicators of a kitten's well-being, Whiskas Kitten Wet Food contains a unique patented combination of zinc + omega 6 fatty acids which helps to improve the cat's skin & coat.
  • Overall, Whiskas Wet Kitten Food is a wholesome meal that strengthens your kitten.

Whiskas Tuna in Jelly Ingredients:

Gelling agents (Guar gum, Cassia gum, Kappa carrageenan, Water) 46.38%, Animal origin material (Tuna red meat) 45.97%, Soybean oil 6.60%, Vitamins and minerals 1.05%.

Analytical Constituents (%):

 Crude Protein(%) 8%
Moisture(%) 83.5%
Crude Fat(%) 6%
Crude Fibers(%)


Crude Ash(%)




Whiskas Tuna in Jelly Feeding Guide:

  • Provide your cat with clean drinking water with every meal.
  • Serve the food on daily basis, as per the cat's body weight. (Detailed list is provided below)
 Age of Kitten <3 months 4-5 months 5-12 months
Pouch Only 3
3.5 4
Pouch+Dry Food 2(Pouch)+20g 2.5+20g 2.5+20g

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