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  • Whiskas Tuna Dry Cat Food
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Whiskas Adult (+1 year) Dry Cat Food, Tuna Flavour (480g - 7kg)

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Whiskas Tuna Dry Food is created with the best Tuna & poultry ingredients, also contains the best wholegrain cereals (corn, rice, wheat) & soybean, which makes it not only a tasty recipe for the cats but also a healthy meal that will help a cat lead a healthy, active and long life.

Whiskas Tuna comes in 4 different packs: Smaller packs are of 480 gm & 1.2 kg and bigger packs are Whiskas Tuna 3 kg & Whiskas Tuna 7kg.

Whiskas Tuna Cat Food Benefits:

  • Tuna & Poultry provide high-quality protein which helps to strengthen the muscles of the cat.
  • As a cat's beautiful skin & coat is one of the best indicators of a cat's well-being, Whiskas Tuna Dry Food contains a unique patented combination of zinc + omega 6 fatty acids which helps to improve the cat's skin & coat.

Whiskas Tuna Dry Food Ingredients:

Wholegrain cereals (corn, rice, wheat), corn gluten meal, poultry, and poultry by-products, soybean products, (full-fat soybean, soybean meal) palm stearin, ocean fish, wheat flour, minerals, iodized salt, vitamins, taurine, soy oil, methionine, food coloring, preservatives, flavor.

Whiskas Tuna Cat Food Feeding Guide:

  • Provide your cat with clean drinking water with every meal.
  • Serve the food on daily basis, as per the cat's body weight. (Detailed list is provided below)
  • At first mix Whiskas Tuna Dry Food with your cat's current food and gradually increase the amount of Whiskas Tuna Cat Food over 7 consecutive days. (Detailed Image overview given below)
 Weight of Cat(kg) Amount of Feed/Day (g)
1-2 20-35
2-3 35-45
3-4 45-55
4-5 55-65


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